Miss India USA 2022 Pictures 


Here are the details about getting/downloading the high quality pics from website.

By creating an account and select the pics as favorites.

Please create an account online by clicking here.


Once you login in, click here for both event days pics.



You can add as favorites in your account. You can view your selected pics, once you added as favorites by clicking My Account (on top right corner)  -- > My Favorites.


You can view all of your selected pictures in your Favorites list.

Please share your Favorites list to photographer ( My Account -> My Favorites and click on Share Favorites). Please put your name and any info you would like to share. I will then share the link ( by email/whatsapp) for downloading high quality pics without PROOF watermark.


Pricing for downloading high quality digital pictures


1. 1-25 pics = $75.00

2. 25-50 pics = $125.00

3. 50-100 pics = $250.00

4. 100-200 pics = $350



Jayesh Patel

Cell: 607 624 0180